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A key component of most effective Business Intelligence solutions is the ability to present information visually.  While typical Business Intelligence vendors such as Business Objects, Cognos, Tableau, Spotfire, etc tend to offer a wide range of charts and data objects they can fall short when trying to communicate data in the context of a larger business story. 

Back of the Napkin

I've seen numerous presentation on effective presentation skills, however, this I came across Dan Roam recently, the author of "The Back of the Napkin" and felt he presented a great framework for simplifying the presentation of complex concepts. 

My thought was rather than simply presenting metrics and analytics in traditional Dashboards, by using Dan's framework the same information could be given an improved context by presenting the same information in the Who, How much, Where, When, How, and Why format.

This video runs for around 55mins, but I think it's really worth the time... alternatively you can skip forward to about the 30min mark where it all really starts to come together.

The Back of the Napkin Blog - Website

The Back of the Napkin Book - Amazon



Another great resource is a book called Slide:ology by Nancy Duarte. This book is primarily aimed at helping people put together better PowerPoint presentations, however, at its core the book explores a number of interesting presentation concepts and story telling techniques.     

Slide:ology Blog -

Slide:ology Book - Amazon


Infinite Focus

An exciting new visual presentation system is the new product from the Microsoft Labs called Photosynth. I have some detail, and examples, on another page of this site... 

Microsoft - PhotoSynth Example

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