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I've been asked to speak a number of times about where I see the field of Business Intelligence heading. The presentations I have put together have been very well received and tend to generate lots of thought provoking discussions and debates.

In the sections below I have attempted to summarize some of the key points of those presentations... please feel free to explore the links to actual sites and/or feel free to contact me if you'd like more details on any of the topics.

Driving force



Inspiration from the Fringe

Moma Elasticmind

Visual Complexity




Multi-variant Animations          

Gap Minder

New York Times


Real-time Relationships             

Digg Labs

Rich Chart Types                        

Many Eyes

Intuative Interfaces                    

I Want You To Want Me

We Feel Fine




Microsoft PopFly

Predictive Markets                     

Spigit Predictive Markets

Integrated BI Stack



Other Forward Looking Resources

IBM Research (Visual Group)

BusinessObjects Labs

Cognos Innovationcenter

Google Labs

Microsoft Labs - Live

Microsoft Labs - Office


Please also refer to my 'Addition Resources' page for more links.